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Diabetic Footcare Specialist

Isak Badalov, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon located in Kew Gardens, NY & Middle Village, NY

Diabetes causes at least half of all foot amputations today. Usually, it all starts with a foot ulcer — and that’s something you can avoid with help from Isak Badalov, DPM, a highly knowledgeable podiatrist who has convenient offices in Kew Gardens and Middle Village, New York. Schedule your diabetic foot care, from checkups to prevention tips to wound care, by calling the office nearest you or clicking the appointment tool now.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

How can diabetes harm my feet?

Diabetes causes a few major issues within your body, and those problems often intersect in your feet. The most common issues with diabetes are:

Nerve damage

Nerve damage can have a variety of effects, including burning, electrical-type pain, and sporadic numbness. Eventually, untreated nerve damage can cause total sensation loss in your feet. 

This can make it hard to balance and stand, and greatly increases your chances of foot injuries that you don't feel or know about.

Blood vessel damage

Diabetes sufferers often have poor circulation due to a narrowing of blood vessels. With their distant relation to your heart, your feet really suffer when blood vessels aren't working as they should. 

Lack of blood means that your feet may always feel cold, and it also means you don't have the blood supply needed to nourish and heal foot wounds. 

Foot wounds, even small ones, may develop and worsen fast when you have diabetes. And, because your immune system doesn't work as well as normal with diabetes, you're much more vulnerable to infections when you have open wounds. 

Diabetes sufferers are also more likely to have bunions, hammertoes, corns, and other foot issues due to overall weak nerve and vascular health. 

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetic foot care means protecting your feet, healing wounds when injured, and preventing serious problems going forward. Dr. Badalov works with you to safeguard your foot health in many ways. 

He recommends preventive care at home, such as daily foot inspections, wearing shoes at all times, and clipping your nails straight across to avoid infected ingrown toenails. 

When you have any new foot developments, for example, a wound that won't heal, Dr. Badalov performs specialized wound care and other treatments to help you recover with no further foot damage. This can help you avoid amputation later. 

Dr. Badalov is here to help with a wide range of preventive measures, such as diabetic shoes and custom orthotics as well. 

How often will I need diabetic foot care? 

Dr. Badalov can advise you regarding the right diabetic foot care schedule for your needs. If you have any new foot issues, like cuts or blisters that don't heal normally, see Dr. Badalov right away. For general diabetic foot health checkups, see Dr. Badalov a minimum of once a year, or more often if you have chronic problems.

Diabetic foot care can protect you from infection, hospitalization, and amputation, so it's worth taking the time for a checkup now. Call the office of Isak Badalov, DPM, or click on the online booking tool now.